Prerequisites and Scholarships

Prerequisites for admission

In order to gain access to our institute, each student should be in accordance with at least one of the following circumstances.

1. Have a degree from a technical institute or have received professional training by an institute of higher education accredited by the Ministry of Education or its equivalent in the student’s country of origin.

2. Possess a college degree or its equivalent

3. Be enrolled in your last year before receiving your degree or in the process of a qualifications process

4. Have professional, verifiable experience related to the subject matter of the course

5. In the event that you cannot comply with the prerequisites outlined in points 1, 2, 3, or 4, then you must have professional experience relative to a diploma of no less than three years.

Policy on Scholarships

Our foundation, in its desire to support those who are interested in participating in our programs, relies on a flexible system of scholarships, which allows the student to have a choice regarding the type of scholarship that is best for their needs. The interested applicant is only able to select one of the following types of scholarships:

1. Financial Aid Scholarships: for the co-financing and facilitated pay for students who demonstrate need.

2. Travel Scholarships: contributions towards the travel expenses of the applicant to the Foundation to participate in the onsite class sessions. Amounts are subject to the acceptance of the applicant. In all cases, the corresponding scholarship is granted to those who deserve and demonstrate a need for the assistance.

The foundation is only able to evaluate the extension or combination of these scholarships in exceptional cases and the Foundation’s review of these conditions can be requested by the applicant.