Programs and Activities

With the objective of promoting a culture of rights and increasing the knowledge of universal rights and their relationship with public policy, the Henry Dunant Foundation/ The Institute of Henry Dunant has developed different programmes and activities.

Diplomas and International Courses
Specialized international courses taught at The International Institute of Henry Dunant/The Henry Dunant Foundation of Latin America constitute a formative proposal with the objective of integrating knowledge and theories with the concepts and tools necessary for the resolution of problems regarding the design, implementation and evaluation of public policy based on human rights. The goal of these courses is to produce a dialogue and connection between the new public administration and the perspective of human rights, in an academic atmosphere attended by professionals from a variety of countries in Latin American, Europe, and the Caribbean.

These specialized international diplomas and courses encourage an interdisciplinary look at human rights and a critical view of society. They propose a curriculum and methodological framework comprising a wide variety of disciplines that intervene in concurrence of the international human rights law and public policy. These disciplines, provided with a new transforming sense are the tools with which the effective realization of civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights will be ensured, regarding the understanding that the aspects of technical regulation of the new public administration should be legitimated by its adhesion to the human rights values.

Publications and Information
This area seeks to contribute to the development and installation of a focus on human rights based approach to public policy, by the dissemination of theoretical and practical knowledge that promotes this new paradigm in the public and private sphere, as well as among academics, associations and corporations. The Foundation’s annual publication, “Politicas publicas para un Estado social de derechos” tackles specific themes (subjects of rights) to be worked out by public policies based on human rights (right to nutrition, politics of memory, etc.).

International consultancy on Human Rights and Management and Public Policies for Democratic Governance
Advising and consultancy on public policy administration, human rights and democratic governance offered by The Henry Dunant Foundation of Latin America and the International Institute of Henry Dunant seeks to strengthen the institutional capabilities of the public and private sector, in order to effectively fulfill its role as a creator of global public goods and guarantor of social cohesion and to increase the efficacy of citizen participation, social control, and full realization of economic, social, cultural, civil and political rights.

The Foundation seeks to define a new field of collaboration with the Latin American and Caribbean governments; looking to contribute to the development of a culture that understand the public policies as State instruments to create a system of fundamental rights, the concept of the administration of rights to be a new focus of the public

Document Center
The Foundation provides the interested public with its publications and institutional research, dissertations of students and graduate level presentations from classes, in addition to the Foundation’s objective of contributing to the development and installation focusing on rights in public policy, spreading knowledge, theories, and practices that allow for influence in the private and public spheres, academia, guilds, and corporations.

Specialized courses, extended seminars, deepening understanding and debate
Debates addressing emergent topics, considering the installation of rights in various other countries.

Collaboration and Support

The Henry Dunant Foundation of Latin America has counted on the participation and patronage of agencies and programs of the United Nations (FAO, PNUD, High Commission of the United Nations for Human Rights, OPS, UNCCD, UNICEF, UNESCO, OIM, OIT), as well as the Chilean Fund against Hunger and Poverty, the International Federation of Red Cross, the National Institute of Human Rights (Chile), Amnesty International – Chile, embassies and diplomatic delegations accredited to Chile (Canada, Finland, Switzerland, and the delegation of the Basque government) and the vicarages of Pastoral Social and the workers. In addition, it depends on the support of organizations such as the Ford Foundation, the Heinrich Boll Foundation, and other non-governmental agencies working in the field of development, like HIVOS and the Fund to Support Dutch Literature (NLPVF).

A comprehensive group of professionals and academics recognized for their career in public policy, human rights, state reform, risk management and disaster prevention, pedagogy of memory, local development, decentralization, the environment and sustainable development, from Latin America, North America and Europe have been integrated into a team through which the Henry Dunant Foundation /Institute of Henry Dunant carries out its programs and activities.